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Honey, don't be so scared

We can fight them all with love and fireworks!

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Latvia Representative #938797681

'Chuck Norris is currently suing BBC, as 'Law and Order'
are copyrighted names for his left and right fist.'

[Just a fan.]

808, ana b claims andris, black velvet, british spelling tendancies, bugger, butterflies, carpet stains, cellular phone solitaire, crash!11, daft punk, domo arigato mr roboto, excess baggage, extra fries with that, fat suits, fedde le grande, finger lickin good, gasoline fights, guitar and drums, her, i'm the mary!, impossible archetecture, japanese pop, jigga jigga, jules x, king of the castle, korean showtunes, latvia, mad electronica, more more too much, music baby, my australian waltz, orange mocha frappaccino, polly pockets, red light district, she, sid and nancy, singing santas, superman, the bridge, the chorus, the club, the dirty rascal, the melody, urban bohemia, vermillion, white boy rhythm